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Global Informations about Venezuela

Official name: República Bolivariana de Venezuela

Capital: Caracas, situated in the Distrito Capital (Capital District).Seat of the National Public Powers bodies.

Official Language: Spanish

Other tongues/dialects: Indigenous dialects

Population Distribution: 93% Urban - 7% Rural

Inhabitants in 2004: 27.890.000 Inhabitants

Population Density: 26,91 Inhab./Km2

Religion: 92% of the population is Catholic and the remaining 8% belongs to other religions.

Karte von Venezuela

Main Cities: Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, Maracay, Puerto la Cruz, Cumana, Carúpano, Puerto Ordaz, Ciudad Bolivar and Barquisimeto.


Venezuela, a South-American Republic, lies on the northern coast of the continent with coastlines along the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. To the east it borders Guyana, to the south, Brazil and to the west and south-west, Colombia. The country has a total surface of 916,445 km2 (including mainland and islands) and a governs a maritime area of 860,000 km2. These extensive territories are contained within a compact continental surface, whose maximum distance from east to west is 1,493km and 1,271 km. from north to south. This contributes to the ease of internal integration and cohesion. The coastline is lengthy and runs for 2,183 km along the Caribbean Sea, from Castilletes to the Paria headland. It follows an irregular line with numerous gulfs and bays, among them those of the Venezuela, Triste and Cariaco gulfs, as well as more than 314 islands, keys and islets under Venezuelan rule. In the north it stretches up to the Aves island together with the exclusive offshore zone. At the same time, it has 1,008 km. of continental shore facing the Atlantic Ocean, from the headland of Paria to Punta Playa, including the Paria gulf, Patos island, and the littoral of the Orinoco delta and adjacent islands, whose coasts are wooded and marshy and covered with mangrove swamps.
It is a tropical country with geographical features common to other nations of the American continent, as well as Africa, Asia and Oceania, which are situated between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Its position leads to both continental and island territories having a wide variety of tropical climates, with huge natural potential for renewable solar energy. This can be seen in the exuberantly varied flora in warm and damp climates. It has an enormous physical and geographical diversity, due to a combination of 27 climatic zones, 12 categories of natural vegetation, 23 distinct geographical areas and 38 large geological units together with a soil cover which has an ample variety of characteristics and qualities.

Individual tourism:

There are many different possibilities to travel through Venezuela. Everyone, who visits us here, would like to spend their vacation as enjoyable, beautiful, secure and advantageous as possible, thus ensuring unforgettable memories.

In order to make this as likely as possible, it is better to be sure to know with certainty, quite simple things previously, to respect certain rules and to make some preparations. One doesn't need to exaggerate this and one also doesn't need to plan his/its vacation completely in advance, but a few information in advance is necessary.

On our internet pages you will find the most important travel hints, about which each traveler, sooner or later, should think about. These pages are regularly updated, so it's worth reading it.



Telephone in Venezuela works pretty fine and is a modern, digital system. Country code: 58. Code for international access: 00
In October 2001 they changed phone numbers all over Venezuela. All City- codes are 4 digits, phone numbers 7 digits. Code from Caracas is now: 0212, all other codes got a 2 after the 0. Example: Carupano: from 094 to 0294.

Cellular codes:
Telcel: before: 014, now 0414, Movilnet: 016 to 0416, Digicell: 0412 and Digitel 0417.

Internet/ E-Mail:

CantvNet (Internet: http://www.cantv.net), Internet Venezuela (Internet: http://www.internet.ve) Internet cafés are available in all cities, some Hotels and Posadas, p.e. in Posada Nena (for free).

Local Time: GMT- 4,5 hours in the summer:

Electricity: The voltage is 110 V, 60 Hz. In some places, like the Posada Nena, you find as well real 220 V.

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Nationalpark Canaima in Venezuela


The Venezuelan climate reflects the diversity of the territory which in turn is directly associated with the existent landscapes. In the Caribbean litoral, on the islands and in the lowlands of Lara and Carora, the prevailing climate is semi-arid with dry vegetation, an annual rainfall of 600 mm. and average temperatures of 24ºC. Along the coastal mountain range, the Andes, in the valleys between the mountains and mountain ranges, the climate varies from hot tropical climates, at an altitude of 900m, to cold climates in the mountains over 3,500m altitude. A great number of the country’s settlements have established themselves in these areas where the climate is favorable, with annual rainfalls of 850 to 900mm and temperatures that fluctuate between averages of 18º to 22º C.


Venezuelans are a very colorful mixture. More than 70 % of the Venezuelan people are mixed, only 20 % are European, 8 % black, and only 2 % are Indians, the real "venezolanos."
There are nearly 28 million citizens; the density is very low, because it's a very huge country.

Our Address:

Playa Copey
Carúpano- Estado Sucre
Phone : 0058 294 3317297 or 8083602
In Venezuela: 0294 3317297 and 0294 8083602


Driving in Venezuela:

Every adult citizen is allowed to drive a car in Venezuela- strangers as well. You don't need an international license nor experience in driving- it's all very slow and easy. The only rule I know, is that they drive on the right.

A green light doesn't mean to stop, but It's recommended to have a look before crossing. A red light means to wait, until it is your turn-not until light switches.

So take your time on our roads, be careful like everybody and be sure, everybody will brake the rules you know from other countries.

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